Author Services

Struggling to get your manuscript properly formatted for Kindle and Createspace? That’s what I’m here for! I can take care of the entire process from manuscript to published or provide “à la carte” services so you can keep your focus on creativity.

Today’s authors have so much more freedom to create and be published than ever before. They also have to wear more hats and can find the technical details of getting a book published daunting.



With my services, you can focus on your writing. I can take care of the proofreading and editing. I’m a native English speaker fully versed in grammar, punctuation and proper diction. More importantly, I understand how to edit for those things without editing out your “voice”. Your unique way of expressing your concept, story or message is your voice, and is essential that it be allowed to come through to your reader – just as you intend.


Beyond the final editing, I can format your manuscript properly for Amazon Kindle and upload it to your bookshelf along with your cover. This formatting process includes proofing your book as it will look in all devices so that the headings and fonts look right. I confirm that your Table of Contents is hyperlinked and double checked so that every item links properly to its correct Chapter. I can provide standard copyright notices and legal disclaimers that you can customize and include.



Need help with your cover? I can take your concept and design and produce your book cover for both Kindle and Createspace to meet your specifications.

I’m here to take care of any of these things, so that your time may be better spent dreaming up and writing your next bestseller.

Feel free to message me or chat with me on Skype to see how my services can save you precious time and money.