Emergency Services

  • Failed program or product launch?
  • Broken sales funnel?
  • Website down?.. again?
  • Data gone missing?
  • Payment processors not processing?
  • Need API, IPN or other integration fixed right now?
  • Book cover or content not what you expected?

I can help. Really. This is where I got my start as a software and web developer. I am self taught and learned everything I know by “fixing code” behind broken payplans and websites and databases. I’ve done this kind of work – in the trenches – for nearly 15 years now. I met many of you when your program members or visitors told you about that “fixmycode” gal that does this “sort of thing”. They saw how it all got fixed fast in the last program they were in. And  some of you still contact me through my old email address at fixmycode@gmail.com.

When you need help, you need it right here right now

I know what it means to have hundreds – even thousands – of visitors, members, customers, readers or fans affected when something is not working.

That’s why you can contact me directly through Skype without us having to add each other as contacts. I accept Skype calls and text chat messages from everyone and am online at least 12 hours every day. If you leave a message, I’ll get back with you as soon as I can, usually within a few hours. If I’m online, you’ll get help immediately.

How it works

Free Consultation – now. Just contact me and I’ll take a look – right away – and see if there’s something that can be done to at least let all of your visitors know you’re “on it” – aware of the problem and that it’s being attended to right now. Then I’ll let you know what your options are and you can decide how to proceed.

Free quick fixes. Sometimes all it takes is a three way phone call to your hosting provider with me on the line to “speak geek” with the tech guys and get your issue resolved.

Free referrals and advice. And if it’s something I can’t fix, I never hesitate to help you find the software solution or specialist you need.

Should you need my services, we’ll discuss everything and make a plan to address the problem – with attention to the “worst first” so you can get back up and running right away. Maybe that will be all that’s needed until you can get a response from support for your website or software or until your webmaster returns. No surprises either. You will know up front what to expect for time and costs so you can make informed decisions.

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