• What does “organic” have to do with digital support services?

    Good question. When I decided to rebrand Friendlyware and set up a fresh new website, I had to define that invisible essence that made Friendlyware so successful all these years. And it turned out to be a unique blend of two essential elements.

    First, I’ve been a wrangling software for nearly 15 years. And during that time I’ve earned the “Code Whisperer” designation because I can get software to do things most folks will say can’t be done. The same way Caesar Milan – the Dog Whisperer – can get dogs to do the most amazing things nobody else could do. *smile* In fact, if you can describe it in words, I can code it so that it works exactly the way you described. I guarantee it.

    The second element sprang from my pet peeve. I know it sounds peculiar, but you’ll get it once I explain.

    I love technology! I love every new gadget and device I see being introduced and invented. I finally got a smartphone – after being one of the last holdouts. And I love it too! And look at what I do. I’m a software developer, website builder, sales funnel expert, and indie author publisher. I’m all about technology.

    *spoiler alert! rant ahead*

    At the same time, I hate one aspect of technology when it comes to doing business: Automated customer support. I hate how nobody answers the phone any more. I hate phone trees! Especially the phone systems that make you say a word to make a selection. They rarely understand me and I just keep pressing the zero hoping for an operator – anybody – to speak to!

    And how about support tickets? Don’t you hate those? You submit. You wait. You check and refresh every few minutes. After a while you decide it might be a few hours. And a few days later or even a week later, maybe you have a reply. Of course, in the meanwhile, you’ve battled the phone tree a few times, only to return to the support ticketing system.



    I could rant on, but you get the point. I hate that automation gets in the way of ever reaching someone when you just need a quick answer, right here right now. A simple quick phone call to a real live qualified person could get your question answered in a couple of minutes.

    That’s when I realized that all the technology and automation in the world can’t possibly replace one simple call to a real person. I thought of how delighted I am with a few companies for that very reason. I pick up the phone (or click their skype call button) and a real person helps me and I’m way happier than one ought to be over something that simple.



    The dictionary says:  Organic “of, relating to, or derived from living matter”

    I’m the “living matter” – organic – interface connecting you and all that wonderful technology. My “organic” approach to doing business is simply to listen to you, answer your questions, discuss your options, help explore angles, and give feedback. Real personal attention to your project. Then once the details are all sorted out, I apply technology to build you the best doggone website, software, sales funnel, or e-book ever.

    That’s what Friendlyware has always been about, and the second element that comprises the essence of my digital support services. I’m personally reachable so you can describe your issue or brainstorm your concept and get feedback to help you create your idea.

    In the end, I wanted a fresh new look that was a blend of my unique skills and personal approach to digital support services and here it is. I built an environmentally friendly, organic-techie website for you to experience a “breath of fresh air”.


    So you won’t find a Contact Us page here. No Knowledge Base, no Phone Trees, no Support Ticket System. Instead, on every single page you will find live Skype buttons to contact me me directly for voice call or text chat.  How refreshing is that for a change? And if you prefer, I do still have email buttons for your convenience.

    I chose Skype because it’s far more accessible to folks all around the world than an international phone call might be. And I’m at my desk about 12 hours a day, so my hours will fit in with yours on one end or the other. If I’m not available or busy with another customer, I’ll for sure get back with you within the following 12 hours at the latest.

    A fresh sprout of an idea has made all the difference in customer satisfaction and the growth of my business ever since Friendlyware began, and I continue with that concept today through my new brand My Code Whisperer.

    I’m glad you’re here and am sure you’re going to be delighted with this old fashioned organic way to serve you the best way I can.


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