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Finally, a programmer that “gets it” about networking and MLM

Have you designed the perfect pay plan but can’t make your boxed software properly track and pay everyone? No problem, I can help you. I’ve written custom software for literally hundreds of MLM, network marketing, affiliate and gifting programs for 15 years.

Or did you try to modify your pay plan and find you have outgrown your software’s capabilities?  No problem, I got you covered.



Have you launched already and now have 11,000 members ringing your phone off the hook because their commissions or referrals don’t look right? Don’t panic, see my Emergency Services page for help right now.

I’m a former networker and gifter and understand just what your members and affiliates expect. They want to see and keep track of their referrals and downlines. They want to see every detail of their earnings, live and in real time. They want a simple and intuitive interface in their back offices to manage their business.

I also understand what a program owner and founder expects in a software package. You want an intuitive and simple admin interface where you can track the entire program, matrices, downlines, total earnings owed and paid, admin funds, and more. For you and your support team, you want to be able to hop to any member’s back office and see what they are seeing and be able to make any adjustments needed right from admin.

Over the years, I have developed simple but powerful modules that I can customize and use to build your perfect program, seamlessly integrated with your existing website.  The back offices and admin utilities were developed as I responded to each member or admin request, improving every year.

Avoid this common mistake: Sure, you can install an “out of the box” package and hope you can customize it in all the ways needed to accommodate your pay plan. Of course once you launch, if it’s not the right package, that’s when you’re “under the gun” and will have to pay a premium to salvage your program before your signups all go away.

You can simply contact me and we’ll go over every detail of your pay plan and design the right solution for your new business. Once your software is ready for your review, I’ll walk you through all the aspects so you can fine tune it if needed. Once that’s done, you’re good to go to launch with complete confidence that everything will work just the way you say it will in your “How it Works” document. No unhappy surprises.

I can even come on your conference calls with your leaders to sort out the final details, answer any questions, or explain technical stuff if needed.

How much will this cost me? Well it depends largely on the complexity of your pay plan plus the number of payment processors you will need.

Basically, the following should give you a general idea of what this kind of programming service might cost:

  • $5500 – Simple pay plan with one type of matrix (ex. 2×3), up to 4 different levels (entry costs), paying any number of levels deep 

  • $7500 – Multi matrix pay plan (ex. 2×2 feeder automatically entering a 2×3 = 2 matrix types, up to 4 different levels (entry costs), paying any number of levels deep 

All pay plan packages include integration of one 3rd party payment processor, such as: SolidTrust Pay, Payza, OKPay, PerfectMoney, PayPal,  etc. This integration includes custom payment buttons for members and IPN (Instant Payment Notification) software to deliver the products, generate shipping orders, and/or enter them into various matrices, triggering upline commissions – all automatically.

Want to offer several payment options? Just add $500 for each additional payment processor integration. Contact me to inquire about your preferred payment processor.

Your program could cost less too. This is just a starting point. Time is also a factor in estimating cost for programming. For instance, if you want to save on cost and don’t plan to launch for a month or more, your cost will be less. In contrast, if you plan to launch or relaunch in the next 10 days, you will increase your cost significantly, provided I can squeeze you in for rush service.

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