Website Services

I can help whether your website needs a tuneup, needs to be moved, upgraded, or you need someone to build it for you. I actually understand how much you’d like to outsource this task, but don’t know how to get what you want.

For new websites and software, my specialty is being able to translate a concept or idea into an interactive presence on the web that represents you. I know what it means when you say you want it to look “happier” or “blue-er” or “edgier” or “classier” or “homey”.

We can start with your current web presence and dress it up, make minor or major changes. I can even take you through setting up your own website in just a couple of hours, so that you’ll be able to make any changes you like in the future.

Or you can start from zero where you describe what it is you want to do with your website. You can show me other websites that convey the same atmosphere or impression you are looking for. A template can make the process very quick and painless with endless options to customize everything. I will build you something we can use as a jumping off point. Then once you have something to look at you will be able to home in on the details. If needed I’ll help guide you with your domain name and hosting choices.

This kind of service can be as little as $75 – $300 for a simple basic 1-5 page website. Various other packages can be added for e-commerce, blogging, portfolio, etc. See my custom payplan page if you are building your own downline affiliate or network marketing program.

If it’s time to move your website, it’s crucial to have someone you trust to transfer your site, software and your database – without losing one byte of data. I’ll even make the move so streamlined, your website won’t be closed for more than a few minutes.

As with all of my services, consultations are always free. And if I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to find someone who can. Or perhaps I can simply point you to a resource or software package to solve your issue.

Don’t hesitate to contact me because you worry it will cost too much. Most solutions are just a Skype chat away and could be free or resolved for way less than you think. That’s what I’m here for!